Monday, July 14, 2014

Free Summer Fun

With school out, there are so many fun things we can do with the kiddos! But entertaining a bored child can get expensive so I thought I'd come up with some free and almost free things to do.

  1. Parks & Recreation- Check out your local parks. Even in Austin TX we are having such a mild summer this year, I've been able to take my kid to the park and we found this super cool one that is a miniature city! Now I realize not all towns will have this kind of park, but you can probably find something cool without too much of a drive. When we were in Wisconsin, the area we were in was dilapidated and community/city services and quality of life were seriously no where close to home. But even there we found an awesome park only half an hour away. 
  2. Free Fun @ The Library- Now there is always free fun at the library. Spending an afternoon collecting books with a child is arguably the best way to spend an afternoon. Your fostering habits that will serve that child well. Lots of libraries have story time year round, but most libraries offer extra programming during the summer months and because they understand school is out they offer educational programs. Our library even does free movies during the summer.
  3. Free movies- Sometimes the library does free movies but parks often have free movies during the summer too. A couple years ago, several local theaters showed older kiddie movies for free during the summer. So they weren't exactly new releases but it was still something fun and free (and out of the triple digit heat) to do with your kid. And a good way to learn if your toddler could sit still through a movie before shelling out $6. This year, I haven't heard of free theater screenings, but one of our larger theaters are offering morning showings for $1/show. That's pretty close to free.
So what are your plans for summer activities? Did I miss any free fun?

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