Book Beth

Beth is available to:

  • Edit business plans and other documents - $1/page
  • Write Press Releases - $50
  • Copywriting - email for estimate
  • Edit Resume and Cover Letter $25
  • Online Content Writing -  NO Research $35 (400-700 words) Research $50 (400-700 words)
I stayed at home with my baby until she was almost two. I was home with my daughter and I wrote several books during that time. Two hit the the inspirational bestseller's list on Amazon and the third was picked up by Harlequin. I knew it would take me a decade to make a living writing, and I was okay with that. Then a change of circumstance forced me to find a day job. But having been out of the workforce for a while, the job I found paid okay but in all other regards was  horrible. It was sucking the life out of me and my family. Then I realized, I'm working on a terminal degree in Creative and Professional Writing. I've hit the bestseller's list twice and queried with a 50% full request rate, snagging an agent and editor. I have skills people can use and working for myself allows me to be home with my daughter and continue my love affair with fiction. 

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